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Meet Your Heroes

Schoolism interviews your artistic heroes, finding out where and how they came to learn their artistic techniques, and how they got to where they are in the entertainment, art, and illustration industries.

  • Stephan Martiniere
    Stephan Martiniere
  • Angela Sung
    Angela Sung
  • Sonja Christophe
    Sonja Christophe
  • Peter Ramsey
    Peter Ramsey
  • Cynthia Halley
    Cynthia Halley
  • Erika Wiseman
    Erika Wiseman
  • Maggie Chan
    Maggie Chan
  • Ehsan Bigloo
    Ehsan Bigloo
  • Linnea Kikuchi
    Linnea Kikuchi
  • Sarah Andersen
    Sarah Andersen
  • Abigail Larson
    Abigail Larson
  • Yujin Choo
    Yujin Choo
  • Thomas Campi
    Thomas Campi
  • Constantine Sekeris
    Constantine Sekeris
  • Devin Elle Kurtz
    Devin Elle Kurtz
  • Zach Berger
    Zach Berger
  • Greg Hopwood
    Greg Hopwood
  • Aleksi Briclot
    Aleksi Briclot
  • Natalie Andrewson
    Natalie Andrewson
  • Paul Chadeisson
    Paul Chadeisson
  • Luna Vargas
    Luna Vargas
  • Maxine Vee
    Maxine Vee
  • Danar Worya
    Danar Worya
  • Longque Chen
    Longque Chen
  • Asia Ellington
    Asia Ellington
  • Oona Holtane
    Oona Holtane
  • Sean Hargreaves
    Sean Hargreaves
  • Chelsea Li
    Chelsea Li
  • Adam J. Middleton
    Adam J. Middleton
  • Emily Xu
    Emily Xu
  • Darrell Warner
    Darrell Warner
  • Wouter Tulp
    Wouter Tulp
  • Rajen Ramkallawan
    Rajen Ramkallawan
  • Alexandria Neonakis
    Alexandria Neonakis
  • Leticia Gillett
    Leticia Gillett
  • Scott Thigpen
    Scott Thigpen
  • Sylvain Marc
    Sylvain Marc
  • Dermot Power
    Dermot Power
  • Peter Konig
    Peter Konig
  • Andrew Gordon
    Andrew Gordon
  • Megan Dong
    Megan Dong
  • Anoosha Syed
    Anoosha Syed
  • Bo Chen
    Bo Chen
  • Celine Kim
    Celine Kim
  • Dawn Carlos
    Dawn Carlos
  • Chiara Benedetti
    Chiara Benedetti
  • Lisa Kollins
    Lisa Kollins
  • Rob Bliss
    Rob Bliss
  • Juan Useche
    Juan Useche
  • Anna-Maria Jung
    Anna-Maria Jung
  • Erick Oh
    Erick Oh
  • Jorge R. Gutiérrez
    Jorge R. Gutiérrez
  • Maureen Fan
    Maureen Fan
  • Audrey  Benjaminsen
    Audrey Benjaminsen
  • Alessandra Sorrentino
    Alessandra Sorrentino
  • Chet Zar
    Chet Zar
  • Gerald Brom
    Gerald Brom
  • Aliya Chen
    Aliya Chen
  • Carlos Grangel
    Carlos Grangel
  • Jason Scheier
    Jason Scheier
  • Naomi Baker
    Naomi Baker
  • Paul Keng
    Paul Keng
  • Cassey Kuo
    Cassey Kuo
  • Lindsey Olivares
    Lindsey Olivares
  • Ben Zhu
    Ben Zhu
  • Chris Sonnenburg
    Chris Sonnenburg
  • Ergo Josh
    Ergo Josh
  • Heri Irawan
    Heri Irawan
  • Terryl Whitlatch
    Terryl Whitlatch
  • Claire Keane
    Claire Keane
  • Airi Pan
    Airi Pan
  • Terryl Whitlatch
    Terryl Whitlatch
  • Terryl Whitlatch
    Terryl Whitlatch
  • Shelly Wan
    Shelly Wan
  • Bright Ackwerh
    Bright Ackwerh
  • Michael Uwandi
    Michael Uwandi
  • Wendy Tan
    Wendy Tan
  • Toniko Pantoja
    Toniko Pantoja
  • Michael Relth
    Michael Relth
  • Rachel Tiep-Daniels
    Rachel Tiep-Daniels
  • Marlon West
    Marlon West
  • Esben L. Rasmussen
    Esben L. Rasmussen
  • Chelsea Blecha
    Chelsea Blecha
  • Laurel D. Austin
    Laurel D. Austin
  • Gabby Zapata
    Gabby Zapata
  • Shaddy Safadi
    Shaddy Safadi
  • Maria Zborovska
    Maria Zborovska
  • Zeen Chin
    Zeen Chin
  • Pablo Dominguez
    Pablo Dominguez
  • Kristine and Colin Poole
    Kristine and Colin Poole
  • Dom Qwek
    Dom Qwek
  • TB Choi
    TB Choi
  • Pascal Campion
    Pascal Campion
  • Jim Bryson
    Jim Bryson
  • Pablo Carpio
    Pablo Carpio
  • Brynn Metheney
    Brynn Metheney
  • Yangtian Li
    Yangtian Li
  • Max Kostenko
    Max Kostenko
  • Kris Pearn
    Kris Pearn
  • Chrystin Garland
    Chrystin Garland
  • Michelle Lam
    Michelle Lam
  • Laura Price
    Laura Price
  • Marie-Alice Harel
    Marie-Alice Harel
  • Syd Weiler
    Syd Weiler
  • Michael Kurinsky
    Michael Kurinsky
  • Jordan Lamarre-Wan
    Jordan Lamarre-Wan
  • Donato Giancola
    Donato Giancola
  • Jennifer Wuestling
    Jennifer Wuestling
  • Imogene Chayes
    Imogene Chayes
  • Charlotte Belland
    Charlotte Belland
  • Finnian MacManus
    Finnian MacManus
  • Rachael Dunk
    Rachael Dunk
  • Matt Thorup
    Matt Thorup
  • Brittany Myers
    Brittany Myers
  • Ahmed Aldoori
    Ahmed Aldoori
  • Alena Wooten
    Alena Wooten
  • Sophie Diao
    Sophie Diao
  • Claire Hummel
    Claire Hummel
  • Russell Dongjun Lu
    Russell Dongjun Lu
  • Loic Zimmerman
    Loic Zimmerman
  • Davison Carvalho
    Davison Carvalho
  • Neysa Bove
    Neysa Bove
  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith
  • Patrik Karlsson
    Patrik Karlsson
  • Herman Ng
    Herman Ng
  • Paul Briggs
    Paul Briggs
  • Nicholas Kole
    Nicholas Kole
  • Tony Bancroft
    Tony Bancroft
  • Devon Cady-Lee
    Devon Cady-Lee
  • Djamila Knopf
    Djamila Knopf
  • Alexandria Neonakis
    Alexandria Neonakis
  • Sharon Bridgeman
    Sharon Bridgeman
  • Fabien Mense
    Fabien Mense
  • Bryan Mark Taylor
    Bryan Mark Taylor
  • Alex Alvarez
    Alex Alvarez
  • Ovi Nedelcu
    Ovi Nedelcu
  • Rodney Rothman
    Rodney Rothman
  • Patrick O'Keefe
    Patrick O'Keefe
  • Gregory Manchess
    Gregory Manchess
  • Jana Schirmer
    Jana Schirmer
  • Rafael Grassetti
    Rafael Grassetti
  • Stan Prokopenko
    Stan Prokopenko
  • Thomas Fluharty
    Thomas Fluharty
  • Armand Serrano
    Armand Serrano
  • Atey Ghailan
    Atey Ghailan
  • Karla Ortiz
    Karla Ortiz
  • Manu Carrasco
    Manu Carrasco
  • David Levy
    David Levy
  • Damon Bard
    Damon Bard
  • Bobby Pontillas
    Bobby Pontillas
  • Aaron Blaise
    Aaron Blaise
  • Rodney Fuentebella
    Rodney Fuentebella
  • Craig Mullins
    Craig Mullins
  • Alexandre Zedig Diboine
    Alexandre Zedig Diboine
  • Phillip Boutte Jr.
    Phillip Boutte Jr.
  • Anthony Francisco
    Anthony Francisco
  • Ross Tran
    Ross Tran
  • Megan Brain
    Megan Brain
  • Genevieve Godbout
    Genevieve Godbout
  • Jean-Jacques Launier
    Jean-Jacques Launier
  • Sahil Lavingia
    Sahil Lavingia
  • John Burton
    John Burton
  • Dan LuVisi
    Dan LuVisi
  • Alex Konstad
    Alex Konstad
  • Jorge Gutierrez
    Jorge Gutierrez
  • Gonzalo Carcamo
    Gonzalo Carcamo
  • Viktor Kalvachev
    Viktor Kalvachev
  • Zac Retz
    Zac Retz
  • Daniel Arriaga
    Daniel Arriaga
  • Armand Baltazar
    Armand Baltazar
  • Iris Compiet
    Iris Compiet
  • Carter Goodrich
    Carter Goodrich
  • Marko Djurdjevic
    Marko Djurdjevic
  • Ryan Meinerding
    Ryan Meinerding
  • Ben Mauro
    Ben Mauro
  • Camilla d'Errico
    Camilla d'Errico
  • Arnold Tsang
    Arnold Tsang
  • Lois van Baarle
    Lois van Baarle
  • Nathan Fowkes
    Nathan Fowkes
  • James Gurney
    James Gurney
  • Andy Park
    Andy Park
  • Brian Kesinger
    Brian Kesinger
  • Normand Lemay
    Normand Lemay
  • Sung Jin Ahn
    Sung Jin Ahn
  • Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay
    Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay
  • Kevin O'Brien
    Kevin O'Brien
  • Paul Topolos
    Paul Topolos
  • Paul Tobin
    Paul Tobin
  • Eliza Ivanova
    Eliza Ivanova
  • Ashley Swidowski
    Ashley Swidowski
  • Kelsey Eng
    Kelsey Eng
  • J.A.W. Cooper
    J.A.W. Cooper
  • Alexandra Boiger
    Alexandra Boiger
  • Arthur Fong
    Arthur Fong
  • John Hoffman
    John Hoffman
  • Kristen Lester
    Kristen Lester
  • Ami Thompson
    Ami Thompson
  • Michael Daley
    Michael Daley
  • Luc Desmarchelier
    Luc Desmarchelier
  • Cody Gramstad
    Cody Gramstad
  • Cole Eastburn
    Cole Eastburn
  • Robert Valley
    Robert Valley
  • Shannon Tindle
    Shannon Tindle
  • Tuna Bora
    Tuna Bora
  • Raphael Lacoste
    Raphael Lacoste
  • Marcos Mateu-Mestre
    Marcos Mateu-Mestre
  • Sylvain Marc
    Sylvain Marc
  • Fawn Veerasunthorn
    Fawn Veerasunthorn
  • Igor-Alban Chevalier
    Igor-Alban Chevalier
  • Willie Real
    Willie Real
  • Bobby Beck
    Bobby Beck
  • Rona Liu
    Rona Liu
  • Krenz Cushart
    Krenz Cushart
  • Matt Winston
    Matt Winston
  • Nathan Fowkes
    Nathan Fowkes
  • Michael Knapp
    Michael Knapp
  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee
  • Even Mehl Amundsen
    Even Mehl Amundsen
  • Christian Alzmann
    Christian Alzmann
  • Mark "Crash" McCreery
    Mark "Crash" McCreery
  • Karl Kopinski
    Karl Kopinski
  • Jesper Ejsing
    Jesper Ejsing
  • Lois van Baarle
    Lois van Baarle
  • Andrea Blasich
    Andrea Blasich
  • Ryan Lang
    Ryan Lang
  • Chris Sasaki
    Chris Sasaki
  • Bobby Pontillas
    Bobby Pontillas
  • Shiyoon Kim
    Shiyoon Kim
  • Wesley Burt
    Wesley Burt
  • Justin Goby Fields
    Justin Goby Fields
  • Jesse Winchester Schmidt
    Jesse Winchester Schmidt
  • Eric Canete
    Eric Canete
  • Jonathan Hardesty
    Jonathan Hardesty
  • Mac George
    Mac George
  • Sherry McKenna
    Sherry McKenna
  • Lorne Lanning
    Lorne Lanning
  • Iain McCaig
    Iain McCaig
  • Kevin Lima
    Kevin Lima
  • Brenda Chapman
    Brenda Chapman
  • Craig Mullins
    Craig Mullins
  • Kun Vic
    Kun Vic
  • Helen Mingjue Chen
    Helen Mingjue Chen
  • Octavio Rodriguez
    Octavio Rodriguez
  • Karla Ortiz
    Karla Ortiz
  • Jeff Turley
    Jeff Turley
  • David Levy
    David Levy
  • Stanley Lau
    Stanley Lau
  • Robert Kondo
    Robert Kondo
  • Claire Wendling
    Claire Wendling
  • Stephen Silver
    Stephen Silver
  • John Nevarez
    John Nevarez
  • Paul Lasaine
    Paul Lasaine
  • Terryl Whitlatch
    Terryl Whitlatch
  • Nathan Fowkes
    Nathan Fowkes
  • Tom Bancroft
    Tom Bancroft
  • Daniel Arriaga
    Daniel Arriaga
  • William Stout
    William Stout
  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson
  • Michal Makarewicz
    Michal Makarewicz
  • Eric Fortune
    Eric Fortune
  • Armand Baltazar
    Armand Baltazar
  • Dan Dos Santos
    Dan Dos Santos
  • Louis Gonzales
    Louis Gonzales
  • Ken Ralston
    Ken Ralston
  • Bobby Chiu
    Bobby Chiu
  • H.B. Lewis
    H.B. Lewis
  • Bill Plympton
    Bill Plympton
  • Alex Woo
    Alex Woo
  • Andrew Hou
    Andrew Hou
  • Sam Nielson
    Sam Nielson
  • Ben Zhu
    Ben Zhu
  • Stephan Martiniere
    Stephan Martiniere
  • Kino Scialabba
    Kino Scialabba
  • Thomas Fluharty
    Thomas Fluharty
  • Louie del Carmen
    Louie del Carmen
  • Skottie Young
    Skottie Young
  • Mitchell Bernal
    Mitchell Bernal
  • J. Scott Campbell
    J. Scott Campbell
  • Daniela Strijleva
    Daniela Strijleva
  • Charles Santoso
    Charles Santoso
  • Kris Pearn
    Kris Pearn
  • Lar deSouza
    Lar deSouza
  • Christophe Lautrette
    Christophe Lautrette
  • James Robertson
    James Robertson
  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood
  • Lynn Johnston
    Lynn Johnston
  • Chris Sanders
    Chris Sanders
  • Dice Tsutsumi
    Dice Tsutsumi
  • Nate Wragg
    Nate Wragg
  • Everett Downing
    Everett Downing
  • Aaron Hartline
    Aaron Hartline
  • Derek Thompson
    Derek Thompson
  • Michael Defeo
    Michael Defeo
  • Humberto Ramos
    Humberto Ramos
  • Alberto Ruiz
    Alberto Ruiz
  • Francisco Herrera
    Francisco Herrera
  • Travis Louie
    Travis Louie
  • Alessandro Carloni
    Alessandro Carloni
  • Dylan Cole
    Dylan Cole
  • Michael Kutsche
    Michael Kutsche
  • Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
    Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
  • Bill Presing
    Bill Presing
  • Francis Manapul
    Francis Manapul
  • Jason Seiler
    Jason Seiler
  • Marcelo Vignali
    Marcelo Vignali
  • Tim Sale
    Tim Sale
  • Mike Mignola
    Mike Mignola
  • Justin "Coro" Kaufman
    Justin "Coro" Kaufman
  • Alvin Lee
    Alvin Lee
  • Peter De Sève
    Peter De Sève
  • Stephen Silver
    Stephen Silver