Erick Oh Art Director Interview


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Erick Oh

Erick Oh

Erick Oh is an Oscar-nominated Korean filmmaker whose latest short film, "Namoo," has created a unique viewing experience for audiences as an animated virtual reality film created for Oculus’ VR device, and has been shortlisted for the Best Animated Short Film category at the upcoming 2022 Academy Awards! Erick is no stranger to having his films recognized and awarded at numerous film festivals and award shows, including the 2021 Academy Awards where his animated short film, "Opera," was nominated for an Oscar. In this interview, Erick talks about his own life events that influenced the story of "Namoo," working with the multi-Emmy Award-winning Baobab Studios, the importance of getting new stories out into the world, what compelled him to start directing, his experience at the Oscars, and his desire to see more diverse representation in the industry.

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