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Paul Lasaine Production Designer Interview


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Paul Lasaine

Paul Lasaine

Master artist Paul Lasaine has provided Matte Paintings for dozens of feature films including: Dick Tracy, Alien 3 and Batman Returns. He also headed up the Disney Matte Painting Department until he left the company in 1994 to join DreamWorks Animation as a Designer, Painting Supervisor and Art Director. In 1999 he moved to New Zealand for 2 years to work as an Art Director on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since the LOTR films, Paul has focused on design for Animation. Some of his many other credits include: Mortal Kombat, Hocus Pocus, White Fang, Prince of Egypt, The Croods, Puss In Boots, Surf's Up, Shark Tale, The Road to El Dorado and The Boxtrolls (In Production).

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