Airi Pan


  • Pixar
  • Activision
  • Netflix
  • Warner Brothers Animation
  • CDProjekt Red
  • Treyarch
  • Titmouse
  • Turtle Rock Studios
  • TicToc Games


Airi Pan

Airi Pan is a concept designer and illustrator for games, animation, and film based in Los Angeles. From triple A video games to stylized feature film animation, Airi has worked with a diverse list of clients including Pixar, Activision, Netflix, Warner Brothers Animation, CDProjekt Red, Treyarch, Titmouse, Turtle Rock Studios, TicToc Games, and more. She is currently a senior concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment. When she's not doing art, Airi loves eating pancakes, watching musicals, and playing open world video games.

Courses By Airi Pan

  • Foolproof Concept Painting

    Foolproof Concept Painting

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