Foolproof Concept Painting

Airi Pan
9 Lessons (10h 12m)
9 Week(s)
English French Spanish Portuguese

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Course Description

This course was developed by concept designer and illustrator, Airi Pan, to share with you her many concept art painting methods, since they are so varied and widespread. Over 9 lessons, Airi will teach you numerous methods of painting while simultaneously giving some insight as to how concept art functions within the entertainment industry as a whole, and provide you with a brand new outlook on concept art.

Airi will provide demonstrations and give assignments that will explore topics like light and color, photorealistic painting, photobashing, speedpainting, and presenting your work so that, by the end of the course, you'll have the skill sets you need to be able to compose incredible images for film, video games, or animation.

This course encapsulates exactly what people would look forward to most when expecting a course from Airi Pan, and she presents her vast knowledge of concept painting in a way that is, well, foolproof!

  • Adobe Photoshop

Lesson Plan

Welcome to "Foolproof Concept Painting"! In our first lesson, I'm going to start out by giving you a breakdown of the course, including a brief introduction to concept art and what you can expect throughout our 9 weeks together. We'll then move on to the lecture portion about using values of black and white (both on the canvas and in life), and an analysis of the Notan vs. Chiaroscuro techniques.

The goal of this lesson is to provide you with a composition crash course to teach you how to compose an image for film, games, or animation. We'll go over the most common film aspect ratios, rules of composition and classic composition scenarios. Remember, when it comes to composition, there are no rules! Only consequences.

I don't know about you, but I've never learned color well by using theory, and I've personally never had an art director ask me for a tertiary-analogous-something color palette. So in this lesson, I'll be explaining light and color but in a way that doesn't involve color gamuts and complicated theories. Rather, we will be taking a look at light and color through application in REAL LIFE. What things actually just LOOK LIKE! And learn how to create a piece that resembles any time of day without fail.

Here, we'll be talking about things to consider when creating work for stylized feature animation. We'll go over several examples and come up with a layout before jumping into a painting demo, focusing on layering (foreground to background), using the 1-2-3 rule, perspective, and the COMPLETE process of one painting from start to finish.

Some people believe that photobashing is taboo, or lazy, but that's simply not true! Photobashing is now an industry standard and in this lesson, we're going to talk about how to do it successfully by finding good reference photos, having good perspective, using various Photoshop techniques, etc.

In this lesson, we'll be continuing the demo from our previous lesson because we're going to take a piece and turn it into any time of day we want. In lesson 5, I explain the tools. In lesson 6, we're going to use those tools to their max. I'll demo not one, not two, but THREE different times of days.

This lesson will be focused on combining painting with photos. We'll start off with photobashing and then move on to painting on top of it to achieve a semi-realistic look. This technique is great to know for working on video games and highly realistic animation. Also, this demo is of an interior, so I explain perspective in a foolproof way too!

Speedpainting is definitely what many people think concept art entails. It is the darling favorite of digital art and it is undeniably FUN! In this lesson, we discuss what it's used for in the industry and I demo THREE wildly different paintings to cover as broad of a spectrum as possible. A fitting end that truly displays the bulletproof process throughout this entire course! Also, I go over brushes in this lesson ;)

In the industry, and in life, you will find all kinds of ways to do concept art, but now you have the arsenal to tackle anything! In our final lesson, we're gonna have a heart to heart chat on not only the skills of an industry-ready artist, but the MINDSET of one. I also tackle FAQs like, is art school worth it? How do I find a style?

This is the class that I wish I had when I started. A culmination of everything I know, broken down into a digestible format, specially curated just for you. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!


Airi Pan

Airi Pan is a concept designer and illustrator for games, animation, and film based in Los Angeles. From triple A video games to stylized feature film animation, Airi has worked with a diverse list of clients including Pixar, Activision, Netflix, Warner Brothers Animation, CDProjekt Red, Treyarch, Titmouse, Turtle Rock Studios, TicToc Games, and more. She is currently a senior concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment. When she's not doing art, Airi loves eating pancakes, watching musicals, and playing open world video games.