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frequently asked questions

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Q: I've never taken an online class before. How does Schoolism work? Is it live?
A: Because Schoolism teaches students from time zones all over the world, the courses are pre-recorded, so you won't have to worry about scheduling your life around your subscription (self-taught). The pre-recorded lectures work like YouTube in the sense that you can watch them whenever and from wherever you want, provided that you have a high speed internet connection. You can fast forward, pause, rewind, and watch the lectures in parts if you can't watch entire lectures all in one sitting. We offer classes in two formats: LIVE Classes and Subscriptions.
Q: Do the lecture videos work on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets?
A: Yes! To ensure a smooth playback, we recommend that browser app being used (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge) is up to date.
Q: What are LIVE Classes?
A: LIVE Classes have set start dates (which you can find on the course page) and run from 9 to 14 weeks, depending on the course you're taking. One lecture is activated every one to two weeks and includes an assignment, which is due the following week. Once you've handed in your assignment, your instructor will record a personalized response video in which they will paint and draw over your work while discussing what you did well, what you can work on, and how they might have handled certain elements of the assignment differently. In addition to your own personalized response videos, you will also be able to view the response videos of your current and previous classmates.
Once a lecture has been activated, it remains open for the rest of the course so by the time the final lecture is available, you will have access to the entire course. If you've handed in all of your assignments on time, you will receive a final grade and a digital certificate of completion. Once you have received your final grades, you will have a 14-day review period where you’ll be able to:

  1. Download your personalized response videos to keep for future reference, and
  2. Re-watch the lesson videos for review and to take supplemental notes.
Your access to the course material will then end, and your seat will be cleared for the next session of students coming in.