Introduction to ZBrush

Justin Goby Fields
9 Lessons (8h 15m)
9 Week(s)

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Course Description

ZBrush is an industry standard sculpting tool for today's entertainment artist that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing, and painting. This unique program that is more akin to traditional sculpting than others, has limitless potential in the concept, illustration, 3D printing and production pipeline worlds. During the nine weeks of this course, I'll be imparting to you my knowledge of the basics to begin sculpting out your own models, and will have made significant strides by the end of the class.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Lesson Plan

To kickoff this course, I'll be showing you around the ZBrush interface, where you can play with what this comprehensive program has to offer. We'll be looking at the primary tools within ZBrush that you will quickly find become indispensable as you continue working ahead. We'll work with a simple sphere using elementary (but vital!) tools to begin sculpting in the digital realm.

It is crucial to learn how to develop your shapes quickly, but also precisely. I use Primitives and Dynamesh Basics to do just this, which drastically speeds up my workflow and allows me to work as efficiently as possible.

This week will be all about brushes! We will discuss the various types of brushes and their uses, plus alphas, masking, posing, and other complementary tools that work in harmony to expand our productivity.

This lesson will be a brisk overview of how I set up my rendering materials for compositing. I will show you how to prep your files for Photoshop so that you can start fine tuning your creature designs.

Painting over your creatures is a great way to develop your designs. I will show you some Photoshop techniques that will transform your designs and bring your creatures to life!

ZSpheres are a great tool to become competent with, as they are useful for blocking out your design in the initial stages, and are especially effective in creature design. You will learn to combine this with your knowledge of dynamesh, and significantly raise your sculpting ability to a whole new level.

This week will be an advanced lesson on sculpting. We will expand our techniques of using brushes, masking, and complementary tools to improve your creature modeling and sculpting process.

This week will be an advanced lesson on Polypainting and Compositing. We will expand our techniques of using brushes, alphas, masking, posing, and complementary tools to bring your full body creature to life.

In the final week of our journey together, you will be applying all your newly acquired skills from ZBrush and Photoshop. This is where you will combine all of your techniques to achieve a final, rendered creature design.


Justin Goby Fields

Justin Goby Fields studied at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and currently works in the film, tv and game industries. He previously worked at studios such as Mirada, Amalgamated Dynamics, Imaginary Forces, and Sony Imageworks. Some of his credits include: Halo 5, Jupiter Ascending, Black Sails, Maleficent, Noah, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Firelight, Blink, Falling Skies, The Wolverine, Scrapyard, Ghost Recon, League of Legends, The Blob, Goosebumps, Max Steel, and Kong. He has been published by ImagineFx, 3dTotal, 3dArtist, and won the 2014 Zbrush world Sculpt off challenge. When he isn't working on 20 projects, Residing in Los Angeles, he enjoys movies, playing with his 4 dogs, and working towards 10,000 hours.