Watercolor Workout 2

Gonzalo Carcamo
12 Lessons (12h 49m)
12 Day(s)
English Portuguese

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Course Description

Building on the foundational techniques from his first Artist Workout, Gonzalo Carcamo returns with "Watercolor Workout 2", a series designed to deepen your understanding of this fluid medium. Carcamo introduces a new array of studies, each tailored to further advance your skills in watercolor painting. These 12 new studies will focus on:

•   Working with different paper types that offer varying degrees of roughness and textural possibilities

•   Monochrome studies to strengthen your grasp on value distribution and intensity control

•   Multicolor studies to incorporate color variations, temperature, and hue shifts

•   Techniques for layering, texture creation, and wash effects

•   How to incorporate light filtration, shadow transparency, and color intensity

With step-by-step guidance from the watercolor master himself, Carcamo’s detailed video demonstrations enable you to observe his process while practicing simultaneously so that you can elevate your watercolor techniques beyond the basics!

  • Acrylics

Lesson Plan


Gonzalo Carcamo

As a child, Carcamo has always been very interested in art and was fortunate to have started his creative endeavours at a young age. His art career has spanned the industries of advertising, journalism, literature, children's books and animation. His weekly publications in the Brazilian newspaper, Pasquim gained wide recognition for his watercolor techniques and started his long journey with major newspapers and magazines such as Grafica (Brazil), El Pais (Spain), and Apsi (Chile). Many people recognize his work from their favorite children's books such as Modelo Vivo Natureza Morta, Lorotas da Cobra Gabi, Tenorio, and Thapa Kunturi. When he's not doing commercial work, Carcamo enjoys plein air painting and teaching watercolor at his studio at the heart of Vila Mariana in Sao Paulo, Brazil.