Speed Sketching Animals

Bobby Chiu
6 Lessons (12h 46m)
6 Week(s)

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Course Description

Speed sketching is a useful skill for artists to have in their arsenal, but the process of speed sketching animals can be quite difficult to understand. However, it can be far easier when you have the artist explain how and why they put down “those marks,” especially when that person paints and draws animals for a living! Before creating animals, creatures and characters for feature films and video games, multi-award-winning artist, Bobby Chiu, taught life drawing in college. In this course, he teaches how to sketch efficiently and purposefully using different approaches and how to apply these techniques to various animals. 

This course is for ANY SKILL LEVEL. It’s not about ‘how to sketch,’ but, ‘how does Bobby Chiu sketch?’ So get ready for a mind-opening experience as Bobby draws with you while he demonstrates how to apply his techniques and thinking that will take your art to the next level. 

With SELF TAUGHT classes, you get all access to the class videos as well as the critique videos but no personal critiques for your own work. To register for the SELF-TAUGHT classes click "REGISTER."

➡︎ For the ‘Critiqued Sessions’, students will meet up with Bobby Chiu LIVE once per week on Thursdays either from 7am-9am PT / 10am-12pm ET OR Thursdays from 1pm-3pm PT / 4pm-6pm ET.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Drawing Tablet

Lesson Plan

This is an introduction to my approach for sketching animals. When learning to draw a new subject, it’s best to study a variety of subjects that have a commonality among them, so for the first lesson our subject will be dogs that are sitting or lying down. I’ll take you through some examples and talk about the differences in my approach when doing a 1, 2 or 5 minute pose.

The initial marks of a sketch are arguably the most important because, just like the foundational beams of a building, those first marks will act as the groundwork on which the rest of your sketch will build upon. It can be difficult to understand the initial marks of a sketch, so in this lesson, I will walk you through my thought process of sketching simplified lines to represent what we see.

In many ways, monkeys can be more challenging to sketch than dogs due to their mobility. They are able to execute a much wider variety of poses since they have the ability to walk on their feet and have opposable thumbs. In this lesson, we will explore some of these more complex poses and I will show you how I’m able to capture the essence of them in a sketch.

The block-in technique can be an extremely powerful one when used effectively and is a popular way of getting a rough “blueprint” of your sketch down quickly. It’s also a completely different way of thinking than when we sketch with lines, which is why in this lesson, we will be concentrating on this specific technique and how to use it effectively as we practice sketching a wide variety of subjects, from little tiny squirrels to the giant elephant.

Linear structure is another powerful tool that exercises a different way of thinking and sketching than the block-in technique. While this technique is very common, it’s also one that I’ve found to often be executed incorrectly or inefficiently. In this lesson, we will concentrate on linear structure and how to properly apply this technique, focusing on several subjects that will vary in species.

Get ready for our sketches to really take off because in this lesson, birds are our subject! I’ll start by talking about the mechanics of bird anatomy as well as how to simplify them to capture their essence quickly and efficiently, and then we will tackle sketching various types of birds so that we can also explore their similarities and differences. We’ll also be doing 10 minute poses for the first time.


Bobby Chiu

Bobby got his big break by designing characters for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Bobby has since won a number of awards for his creative work, including an Emmy for co-creating the animated tv show ""Niko and the Sword of Light"". He co-founded Imaginism Studios, LightBox Expo and Schoolism.com. Between his many responsibilities Bobby still manages to work in concept and character design, publishes art books, teach digital painting and stream on Youtube regularly.