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Dimensional Drawing Workout

Wouter Tulp
63 Lessons (29h 57m)
63 Week(s)

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Course Description

Prepare to take your drawings to a whole new dimension in "Dimensional Drawing Workout with Wouter Tulp”, where you’ll join renowned character designer Wouter Tulp on a 9-week creative journey that will pump up your skills in creating depth on a 2D canvas!

Over 63 days, with daily 30-minute exercises, you'll explore essential concepts of dimensionality, including:

  • How to draw and rotate simple objects
  • Different types of perspective
  • Constructing the human body
  • Drawing animals from different angles
  • Posing characters
  • Integrating characters and objects into existing environments
  • Lighting

This workout also includes creative explorations where you can break free from the rules you've learned.

These exercises aren't just practice; they’ll form the foundation of your dimensional drawing abilities and reinforce your skills, one artistic repetition at a time!

  • Drawing Tablet
  • Adobe Photoshop

Lesson Plan


Wouter Tulp

Wouter Tulp is a freelance character designer based in the Netherlands. He is known for his versatility as an illustrator, having illustrated over a hundred children's books, as well as caricatures and editorial illustrations in high-circulation newspapers and magazines.